5th Grade FAQ

This is an exciting year for your player to participate in our Upward Program. This year your child will have the opportunity to play FULL court games. That’s right! At the end of the day, we transform the gym to full court games to give your player a larger opportunity to run and move on the court.

To make this fair for all players, our 5th grade division will be co-ed. Boys and girls will play together on the same teams, allowing all 5th graders to have full court opportunities. Due to the low number of girls, this also offers our girls the opportunity to play against a variety to teams.

We are also allowing 3 of our previous years 5th graders per team to play again. That’s right! This may not be your players last season with Upward! They will be evenly divided between all of the 5th grade teams. These 6th graders must have played last season and agree to the rules of Upward. We have tried in the past to have a middle school league but it became to recreational and lost the Upward spirit. These 6th graders are chosen through a lottery and we will continue to offer this to our players as long as we see they understand and abide by our Upward rules.

The selected 6th graders must register by October 1 to guarantee the spot, if the player is not registered, the player forfeits the space and it will be offered to the next player on the list.

There will be 2 full court games each Saturday. If for any reason there are more then 4 teams, we will rotate the schedule for the full court games. This means that if there are 6 or 8 teams, your player will be playing some of the games on half court.

If you have any questions, please contact me before registering your player.
Jennifer Klinkowitz ~ upward@stpeters-umc.org