Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Visit the St. Peter’s Website at Click on the Upward logo and it will bring you directly to the registration form.

When can I register?

Registration is open from September 1 through November 1

Is my registration refundable if we are unable to play?

No. Registration fees are non~refundable. If your child is unable to play, you may find another player who fits the uniform to take that place.

I do not attend St. Peter’s. May we register?

Upward is open to EVERYONE! Yes, you may register. This is a Faith-based league. We do promote the love of Jesus through sports. Each week we focus on a Bible Verse and talk about God’s love in a way the children will understand.

Can my VPK daughter cheer?

Yes! As long as your daughter is enrolled in a VPK program, she may cheer. When you register, you will sign her up as a Kindergartener. We will then figure out she is 4 when we form the squads.

My child has never played basketball before. Will my child fit in here?

Absolutely yes! Upward is open to children of ALL skill levels! Beginners look up to those skilled players and the skilled players enjoy helping the beginners! This is a man~on~man league so your child will be guarding one other child who will be a similar skill level.

Will my child be sitting on the bench the entire game?

No. We play all players the same. The coaches have each player in a rotation!

When are evaluations?

Evaluations are as follows:
Tuesday, November 13 for children in VPK4 through 2nd Grade
Wednesday, November 14 for children in 3rd Grade and 4th Grade
Thursday, November 15 for children in 5th Grade

What time are evaluations?

Evaluation times are from 6pm to 8pm. You do not have to stay the entire time! Your child will choose a uniform size and then go through a set of skills and once completed, is able to leave. Please do not drop your child off!

When will I hear from my child’s coach?

Coaches are given rosters at a coaches meeting and will contact players in early December

Can I choose my child’s coach?

No. Coaches requests can not be honored at this time. Players are placed on teams in accordance to an Upward program, using evaluation scores.

Can my child be on a friends team?

Yes and No!

For Cheerleading: Yes! Cheerleaders may cheer with friends as long as there is space on the squad. The more moms and dads willing to help, the more squads we can form.

For Basketball: Buddy requests will not be honored. We will, however, place a buddy with another buddy if both children’s parents are coaching together. All coaches will have their child on their team. Two adult coaches per team.

Can my kids practice on the same night?

If your child is a cheerleader, we can do our best to find a squad that matches on the same night. If it is just basketball players, we are not able to guarantee same night practice. In the past we have moved kids around and this has formed unfair skill level teams. To ensure the players have a fair match up, we will be using the Upward program and not changing players.

When does practice begin and how long is it?

Practice begins the first week of January. Practices are on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Each practice is one hour long.

My child’s practice falls on a day off of school or a holiday, will there still be a practice?

Yes! We do not close the gym for holidays or days off of school.

When are games and when do they begin?

Games are on Saturdays. The first game is January 12th, 2019.

My child is going to miss a practice or a game, what do I do?

Please let your coach know ahead of time so they can plan their rotation.

I do not want to purchase pictures, do I still need to come to picture day?

Yes! Your child’s team will be taking a team photo and we would like your child to be in it!

What is the Award Celebration?

Each season we end with an award celebration. This is a time in the morning when the whole league comes together to thank and congratulate the coaches and players and cheerleaders. Each player and cheerleader receives and Upward gift and trophy. Please plan ahead to attend this very special moment in your child’s Upward journey.