About US

Mission Statement:

St. Peter's UMC Youth Ministry exists to: Love, Teach, and Encourage, all youth at St. Peter's and the local community in order that we may produce a desirable place for youth to come, feel a strong sense of belonging, and grow as Christian disciples.

Core Values:

Spiritual Growth/Discipleship: We will encourage and provide appropriate resources for youth to grow in their relationship with Jesus and share this with others.

Service: We will encourage all youth to be servants, follow Jesus' example, and understand its eternal rewards.

Integrity: We will model integrity in order that all youth will be authentic followers of Christ in unity with one another.

FUN: We will create a unique atmosphere where youth can experience fun without the daily pressures teenagers often face.

Lasting Relationships: We will encourage youth in their walk with Christ by building lasting relationships with authentic love, peace, and patience.